Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~dust bunnies & spring fever

We are experiencing warmer weather
beautiful blue skies
and sunshine.

~The body is coming to life~
Flower and tree buds are swelling.

I feel the need to open
the windows
and do a little spring cleaning.
Some re-vamping here & there
for spring & summer.
Cleaning those nooks & crannies that went untouched
during the winter months.
You know - those areas above the kitchen cabinets
and behind the frig.
I've gotten a boost of energy,
must be the added Vitamin D  :)
and I am feeling better.
Thanking the Lord for this.

School will be out for Spring Break
in a couple of weeks and I want
this to-do list marked off before then.

A much needed visit to family & friends
is on the calendar!  YEA!

Lots is happening and needs to happen.
I am taking a break for
 spring cleaning & vacation.

See ya,


At The Picket Fence said...

Hi Karen! As I sit here I can see the little shoots of green popping up outside my window and I agree with you that it feels like I am also "shooting" up out of the dark of winter. Your photos are gorgeous and I'm so thrilled that you are going to get to see family soon. I have been out of town for a few days and I'm catching up on posts so I have read your last few all at once and I wanted to thank you for linking up your lovely Forsythia to Inspiration Friday this past week! :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home decoration Karen!

Julie Harward said...

It's still winter here..and cold! I cannot wait for Spring this year...good luck with everything :D

mississippi artist said...

I know the feeling,I have been painting all day-(kitchen cabinets) and cleaning the deck while paint dries. How can so much need to be done?

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Well you have inspired me...I need a vitamin B-12 shot to get going! Yea! for your cleaning and getting ready for spring break...enjoy!! Now I am still working on my kitchen after my last week's post. I had to go shopping.
At the end share you wonderful accomplishments.
Prayers for your friend and answers.

Vee said...

Enjoy your break. I recently started taking Vitamin D and haven't noticed any energy spurts...wait a minute, perhaps I have. I did entertain a grand all day. Enjoy your spring cleaning and I hope that spring finds you early.

Sue said...

Beautiful collage, Karen, I too have started spring cleaning! Enjoy your visit with family and friends.

Deborah said...

Thanks Karen. I hope your enjoy your spring cleaning/vacation break.

Dianne said...

Have a wonderful break, dear friend. Will miss you! So, so glad you are feeling better.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing what a little sunshine will do to lift spirits!

Trish said...

You have Tulips blooming already!? How beautiful...love the wreath on the door!

Shilo said...

Enjoy your break!! I was so happy to read that you are feeling better! Praise God! His love endures forever!

Rose said...

Karen I know the feeling. We have had our windows open for the past two weeks and it is wonderful! I have been watching the tulips breaking through the ground, the tulip tree starting to bloom and the warm sun on my face. Enjoy the break!

CAS said...

Enjoy your break and have a great time.