Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~run to THE LIGHT~

 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying,
 I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness,
 but shall have the light of life.
John 8:12

Saturday afternoon, my husband and I went
 on a small drive in our "neck of the woods".
 I was so excited, to be spending this time with him,
 but at the same time seeing the changing of the leaves,
 looking at beautiful harvested hay meadows,
 and visiting one of my favorite places.

  It was just the right time of day for the sun to be
 streaming into the windows of the old church house.

~doors were unlocked, so we had the joy of sitting and pondering~
I immediately came home and posted the pictures.
I remembered what Dianne said "run to light" when taking pictures.
I am definitely an amateur when it comes to picture taking,
but oh, what a life lesson was
to be learned as I viewed the light pouring
into the windows of the old church house.

We are so prone to want to find our spot and be comfortable.
He wants us moving, allowing for growth in our walk with HIM.
Did He not promise to light our path?

...come and let us walk in the light of the Lord.
Isaiah 2:5

We may be in a new season of life,
 unfamiliar territory, one that is
making us doubt and question,
our next step...

but, He desires to take us down new paths
to teach dependence for that next step.
Total dependence is not restricting to us,
it should be freeing.

Knowing that Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, 
 is charting the course and guiding the way,
should allow for rest and relief.
The only way to rest in HIM
 is to lay it all down at the altar
 and surrender to
 stepping into His light.

The chorus to the precious old hymn,
is fitting to close this post.

How beautiful to walk in the steps of the Savior,
Stepping in the light,
Stepping in the light,
Stepping in the light,
How beautiful to walk in the steps of the Savior,
Led in paths of light.
copyright 1917 by Wm. J. Kirkpatrick

Lord, I do not want to take one step without You.   Please lead me in Your light.
No matter where I may be in this time of my life, if I've strayed from the light
and have veered off the path, I'm reaching my hand for yours,
 guide my way, lead me to where You want me to go.
  I may not be able to see where You are taking me, but I am trusting You.
You will show me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness and joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
Psalm 16:11


My Bright Corner said...

So beautiful, Karen!

Ruth said...

Dear Karen.. the pictures are so beautiful and so are your words!! Thank you for inspiring me today..

Betty Jo said...

These are gorgeous! I love the light you captured in each one. I really love the second one down, the way the light is falling over the bench!

Betty Jo said...

PS: I got so carried away with the photos I forgot to say that everything you've written is wonderful too! ♥

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I found myself stopping on the first picture of the pews and thinking,oh to set down and know that so many generations before me had worshiped many were saved, how many healed, how many marriages and funerals were here...then I went on to read the post. You did set down.

Thanks...I needed all you said today...and what awesome pictures. These pictures spoke a thousand words.

Julie Harward said...

He is the light of the world...and I am so grateful for that. Beautiful pictures here , loved this! Come say hi :D

elizabeth said...

Oh this is so beautiful...I wish I could capture photos like this...You have the eye for it!

Sandy said...

These are such beautiful pictures. I'd love
to be sitting there enjoying His presence.
I agree with Janette, these pictures do
speak a thousand words.
Total dependence on Him IS freeing. It's
the only way we will know true freedom.

Angel said...

Your post is so touching - truly inspired. And so are the lovely photos. Simply beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this today. God bless you.

Dianne said...

Dear Karen,
I am so humbled and honored that you featured my post on your blog today. Thank you so much.

Your pictures are great. The one that captured me was the very first one--the pew to the right--I could not tell you how many hours I have spent worshiping on a slatted pew like that one. They can get awfully hard but if your boyfriend is holding your hand, it's funny how one hardly seemed to notice.

Great post. I am loving it and you.


Anonymous said...

I love your photos and words today. The views out those church windows of the fallen leaves are so nice. John begins his journey with a new dr. tomorrow and we know that the Lord will be with us each step of the way. We are so thankful for the prayers of our blog friends. A really touching post Karen ~ thank you.

Debbie said...

I'm just knocked OUT by this post, Karen!! Not only are your pictures just beautiful, but I love the words that they inspired.

I am so crazy about old buildings, and churches have to be my ultimate favorite of all. I'm so glad you took me on this trip with inside with you!!

(Is this your simple pleasures post? Because it's a true simple pleasure to ME!)

Vanessa said...

Karen, this was truly an exquisite post, both pictures and words! You spoke truth and it is a message I needed to hear! Thanks for allowing God to speak through you and right to us. :-)
You are a blessing,
P.S. I so wish I could have sat in one of those pews with the sun streaming through the window on me!

Anonymous said...

Magnificent post! Your words and photos are simply amazing.

Renee said...

Powerful have a great gift for writing and photography. Beautiful!

Richella said...

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!! Your words, and these incredible photos. Inspired!

I haven't sung "Stepping in the Light" in a long time, but your post brought back sweet memories. Do you know "Father and Friend, Thy Light, Thy Love"? It's another old hymn that comes to my mind when I dwell on light.

Thank you for sharing this bounty of heart.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh this is just the perfect post. I love the scriptures and the old church is wonderful. What a special place to sit and visit with the Lord. Thanks so much for this lovely post. Hugs, Marty

Farm Girl said...

Very sweet, I will keep running to the light!

Shilo said...

I love that hymn. Thanks for the inspiration to pull out the keyboard and play a bit.
Also, thanks so much for your email. Your prayers are precious to me.

Michele Katherine said...

--I wish I could have been there. I've never seen a church like that, it's so authentic, and has incredible views from the windows. Your photo's did it justice.
Blessings, Michele katherine

Katie said...

What an adorable place! I bet that was a treat.

Great captures!

Karli said...

Karen, these are fantastic! That first one especially stands out to me - it is perfect in every way! WOW, I'd love to get a shot like that! :-) I had an outing last Saturday with my husband, and it was so wonderful, wandering around the park taking pictures together. Have a wonderful rest of the week! Great pictures!

Teri said...

What a beautiful post! It's always a joy finding a sisters blog!

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

This is so beautiful. The words compliment and highlight the photos. The light is shining. Thank you for this devotion, honoring Him.

Joan Davis said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I am so thankful to be stepping into His light! Thank you for sharing...and thank you for stopping by my blog earlier today. Your comment was a blessing to me!

Living for Him, Joan

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Karen,
I already have a comment on this post, but I forgot to say thank you for sharing that beautiful quote on my post, that spoke loudly to my heart, and I will be writing it in my notebook.
I always look forward to your post.
God bless you & your family, ----Michele Katherine

Diana said...

Hello there! We talked about light in our ladies bible study this week. That's a great picture. Enjoyed my visit and am following. Come back to see me.

Cindy - Letters From Midlife said...

I'm so glad you visited my blog so I could find yours. What a wonderful place to visit! I love the photos and can relate to the joy of taking a long drive with the husband.

Carolyn said...

Oh, Karen, this post is absolutely beautiful! Ahhh, I have goosebumps with both the words and the pictures and the music!! WOW!

Thank you for blessing my heart with the beauty!!

Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

Anonymous said...

Wow, what beautiful shots! In my adventures in blog-land today, I have come across so many gorgeous "country" and "rural" images. Makes me want to live in a place like that!