Saturday, July 20, 2013

~seeing hearts

the sun rose after we had dressed for the day
not only our clocks, but our bodies were not on the same time
the roosters were crowing and the smell of wood burning
 was already in the air
sharing HIS love comes from overflowing hearts
our mission team spent time in prayer and worship,
before leaving for our first visit to a village
 what heart-warming captures that are mine to treasure
her heart is one devoted to ministry and to the people
as she works alongside her husband
she is such a gracious hostess
they were already gathering on the front porch
of this home when we arrived
their place to gather for weekly worship

it was amazing how far they walked
or rode a horse to the weekly worship service

waiting with expectant hearts

to sing praises

to hear words of encouragement from the LORD

physical needs met for as long as she can make it last

to be shown love
have pictures taken 

and to allow this girl (me)
who had traveled all the miles

have 1 Samuel 16:7
become real to her

it took this first village
and all the smells and sights

to have my vision changed ~
"for the LORD sees not as man sees;
for man looks on the outward appearance,
but the LORD looks on the heart.
from a heart still seeking to keep HIS vision,


Nancy said...

Karen, my heart has been touched by your post today as your heart shown right through...This had to be the most amazing trip for you. You can't touch others in the name of Jesus without being touched yourself.....

Love you girlfriend,
Nancy said...

I have missed you and prayed for you..this warms my heart. What an awesome opportunity. Thanks for sharing!

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

It's so easy to fall back to our human state and not see what He sees, isn't it? A lovely, inspiring post, Karen. Thank you. ~Zuni

corners of my life said...

Your adventure is Honduras is a blessing to all.