Wednesday, October 3, 2012

~Time spent at The Grove Park Inn

It seemed we had just arrived,
when it was time to leave.  :(

If you have not read my previous post about
my recent trip to Asheville, NC,
you might like to scroll down to
~On the Road Together

My husband's conference was held at
The Grove Park Inn in Asheville and I tagged along.
You may click the link to view more
history & details about the Inn.

the rear view of Grove Park Inn
which overlooks the Spa Facilities

We had a nice dinner with others attending the conference
and watched a beautiful sunset from the
 Sunset Terrace Restaurant .

the hotel is noted for the spectacular views
 from any area

one of the many hallways
each rocking chair you see on the left
had a view

The grand stone entrance to the hotel

I really don't know how I captured a picture
without someone sitting in one of the rockers,
this was a favorite spot for the guests.

the flowers on the grounds were amazing
if that is not a container flower garden

I watched these friendly girls
each morning, while I drank my coffee.
  They would stroll onto the golf course.

one of the large fireplaces in the lobby
notice I said "one"
look at the beautiful inlay in the ceiling
and the light fixtures

 fresh flowers in the lobby each day
this one was my favorite
- especially the tall silver container

could not resist getting a close-up of the flowers
I could not begin to name each one
but, the orchids caught my eye

The entrance to the Inn
Notice the guy in the red vest to the right ~
he greeted you upon arrival
and I even captured a picture of him doing a little dance
He must love his job.
  I do know he enjoys visiting with the guests.

I could not help but end this post,
with one of the quotes
inscribed in the large stone of the fireplace. 
The Grove Park did have charm and I do hope
 to return one day for a special occasion.
It was a busy trip for my husband
since he was there for a conference,
but we were able to have one
morning together to sight-see.
I will share those pictures on another post.

The Association who conducted
the conference also provided
a guided tour to the Biltmore and dinner there.
That was my first time to see the Biltmore.
I loved it!  It was raining, so that meant
no really great pictures.

One day I did hang out at the Spa,
all by myself.  The other wives/girls went shopping.
I would choose spa over shopping any day.
  It was Breath-taking to say the least!
Of course no pictures were allowed in the area,
for privacy sake.You can view pictures on line
from the link I have shared.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures
and I was not too wordy with this post.


Amanda said...

Beautiful, Karen! We love Asheville! Hope you are well.

Pamela Gordon said...

What a beautiful inn! The stone is spectacular and the foyer and fireplaces amazing. It would be a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the scenery. I'm glad you got to attend the conference with your husband. Thanks for sharing. Pamela

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Wow! That place looks spectacular. It seems relaxing just looking at the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful isn't a good enough description...I can't think of a good enough word! Totally awesome, Karen!!


Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

The stones are majestic! Wow, what a place.
We toured Biltmore a few years ago. Amazing.

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Oh you lucky lady! I have seen this place in person as a child while visiting one of my mothers friends in Ashville and have always remembered it. All these years later it is still such a beautiful and breathtaking place that I could only dream of staying at. Thanks so much for sharing these photos. Glad to hear you had a wonderfully relaxing time even it was on business. I look forward to seeing more. Have a great day!

Nancy said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your return visit to North Carolina and got a chance to stay in one of our wonders ,The Grove Park Inn. It is a beautiful place to stay...

I think of you, Marilyn, and Diane, often and so glad we had the opportunity to spend some time together...All of three of you were such a blessing to Pat and me. Both of us have had hard summers but know that God has us in the refining fire for a reason...

I hope your fall is going well. I would love to hear all you have going on. You are a sweetheart and I do hope we get to spend more time together sometime in the future....

Love ya,

Anita Johnson said...

Hi Karen, You have one of the more relaxing blogs! I'm a bit under the weather and sitting here with a cup of tea enjoying your photos and posts...and like the inscription on the fireplace, i will return! (o: