Thursday, April 19, 2012

~breathing deep

Relaxing, letting down and breathing deep...
do you know those feelings?

Listening for the sounds of all...

the bullfrogs croak
and the crickets chirp

Our awareness awakened

(making) taking the time to escape
Remembering TIME is in HIS hands

from the rising to the setting

the lungs are filled
no shallow or fast breaths
no hurried feelings

Amazed by HIS gifts
God's color wheel is so much more vivid
color coordinated :)

relaxing and resting
in HIS beauty
brings refreshment
to the soul and body

"need to get away"
this phrase is used by all
living in this world of fastness

our bodies know

We were made for a "getaway" with
Our Creator.

We are freshened in HIS goodness.
We become fixed on God.
We leave focused on HIM.

These shots were taken one evening back in March,
my husband and I slipped away to chase a sunset
and we stayed way to late...
but, it was so worth it.
Today, as I began putting this post together
the LORD used these captures again to remind
HE is desiring a "getaway" with me.

Just a personal update.  It has been quite some time
since I posted.  My family was "sweet" to me and
were able to "make do" without me for almost a
week, as I visited with my mother and mother-in-law.
Time slipped by as I prepared for the visit
and when I returned life was busy.
~from decorating for a bridal shower to sitting in a dentist chair
and a few other things in between~ :)

My mother has remodeled her home and I helped
put things back in place. A dear friend of
mine came over one day and we had a fun time
decorating. I know I'm bad, (I did not take any pics),
 but when I return, I promise I will!
She is enjoying all the work and it looks really great.

Prayer request to all my blogging friends.
  Please pray for my mother, she is having
health problems.  She has lost alot of weight and is
continuing to lose, the doctors have found a bacteria
in her stomach along with a lung condition.  She
will be having a biopsy on her lungs next week.

I am overloading you with updates,
but one last thing, that I am so excited about!
My sweet mother-in-law and I are planning
to attend a weekend retreat at the Potter's House.
Nancy and Pat have created
a weekend "getaway" for ladies to spend
time with the Lord in the mountains of North Carolina.
Click on Potter's House and read more about
this great place.  I can't wait to meet them
and see what God has in store, while we are there.

I will share when we return~


scarborough2 said...

Praising God for His answer and looking forward to time spent with Him and others who love Him!

NanaDiana said...

Karen- It sounds like you have been a very busy gal. I am glad you were able to help your Mom out, though. I will pray for her that there is some simple explanation for her health problems.

God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful time with your mil. And, your pictures are wonderful. We are headed for a couple days of renewal and quiet solitude this weekend. xo Diana

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

First,let me say that these pictures are a gorgeous reminder of God's faithfulness.He puts the world to sleep in such a beautiful way.I trust that the time you will spend away will be refreshing,mentally,physically and most of all spiritually. Praying for Mom's health and wisdom for the doctors to make correct diagnosis and remedy.

Anita Johnson said...

These photos are beautiful, Karen. I'm so glad to meet someone else who takes the time to witness God's creation. I once told a friend I sat in my garden for 30 min. until a hummingbird returned to feed at the columbine. She said i had way too much time on my hands. I thought about that for a long time and decided that I could not think of one thing more valuable to have used that 30 min. for. I experienced God's love for us first hand. Long comment...enjoy the retreat...adding your mom to my prayers...take pictures. (o:

Thoughts for the day said...

Beautiful pictures, wow.

Glenda said...

I can "feel" the stillness and "see" the glorious handiwork of our Creator in your words and photos. Beautiful!!

I will pray for your mom as God brings her to my mind - and I'm sure He will!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Beautiful pictures and yes, getting away with the Lord.

Sorry about your mom...will remember her and also your mother-in-law as she continues to adjust

Oh you much fun, do share

Retreat..that sounds awesome, what a wonderful thing to provide to refresh others

Dorothy said...

Wonderful pictures and message!!
Thanks for all the updates. Praying for your Mom and for your time together at the Potter's House. It should be a great experience and what reasonable rates!!! Enjoy!

S. Etole said...

Such beautiful photos. How much of His beauty we miss when we don't take time to "be still."

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

Inspiring photos! Enjoyed the update.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and I will remember your dear Mother in my prayers.

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Hey! I just stopped by and enjoyed your beautiful photos! Life is so full of great beauty everywhere in nature and in those we love. It's nice to hear you are taking the time to enjoy them. Thanks for sharing such a great reminder!

Linda said...

A beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you.

Shilo said...

Thanks for the update, Karen! You have been busy! Remembering your mother even as I remember you!

Debbie said...

Hi Karen! It was good to *See* you and then come here and read the update. I can pray for your mom.

I understand from a blog birdie that you had a visit from a certain friend and "everything else thrown it" to go along with it.

I hope you're doing OK. I've learned with the fibro that working on things is much like being at the beach. If you are at it long enough to feel "the burn" start, you have been at it too long already.