Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Roots Exposed ~

The ride to the bluff was a treacherous one...
bumps, washouts and ruts

it was twenty four days into November
we made the late afternoon ride to mark it with
 a 2 and a 5
 to remember the day we said "I do"
the tree that bore the first markings
as fresh sweethearts
 was no where found after a lengthy search
we had hoped to mark the years spent
underneath the first

maybe the wind, man or other forces
 had taken toll?
the knife with skillful hands
 carefully scratched the years
in the smooth bark of a new beech 

as I waited with camera in hand
my eyes and heart were not able to miss
the sight of the tree's base down below, 
 the beech tree roots
 running on the ground
 reaching for nourishment
but exposed so raw

 tall and straight
roots bare and sprinkled with colors of beauty
but exposed to forces of nature and man

My hearts condition lay bare
at the base of the tree
the LORD stirring my heart
with full exposure
the shutter clicked

convicting thoughts tugged
send your roots deep
prepare for the storms of life
desire a fresh word
how am I to withstand the
"mama said, there'd be days like this"
standing straight to the trials and the forces
 that come with the living-life
 the inevitable but unseen and unknown
making their unwanted visits

The unwanted is no respecter of persons
My roots must be covered
they must run deep into God's Word,
be buried in His way.

Landscaping using His Word to cover
and watering with prayer to add beauty
of My Saviour's Love

 within a few short weeks,
of the ride to the bluff, life storms blew
the inevitable was encountered
death visited our family
...How did we stand?

with the support of God's ever-ready
 comforting peace
and the love of family and friends

“The tree on the mountain
 takes whatever the weather brings.
 If it has any choice at all,
 it is in putting down roots as deeply as possible."
---Each New Day” ― Corrie ten Boom

I found this on pinterest
a few weeks ago - 
just another affirmation
of His desiring us to be grounded

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

I pray you are sending your roots down deep.
In Him,


Shilo said...

First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, my friend! 25 years, what a BEAUTIFUL gift of grace!
Yesterday I was reading Ps. 1 and spent a lot of time thinking about this being rooted subject. It was a comfort to me that God has transplanted me next to a river so I can bear fruit. Even though the circumstances of my life may feel unfair, the truth is, I am exactly where God wants me...I'm right where He transplanted me. It really encouraged me.
Love you, lady! Keep sending those roots down!!

Dorothy said...

Happy Anniversary! Also, I'm sorry about the death in your family. We are never ready to let go of those we love. Sweet and interesting post.

Mecky said...

Happy Anniversary! Our 25th is coming up next week. It seems like forever but then seems like such a short time. I still think of him as the young man I married.

The picture is great. I am glad that you shared it.

Sherri B. said...

A very powerful and beautiful post! - I am sorry for your loss, it is never easy, but, as your post today reminds us, we can face it if we are firmly grounded with roots that run deep. I send a sweet and gentle hug to you.

Glenda said...

Your words resonate deep in my heart, for I sense God calling me to go deeper in His word and in listening to His voice. God has gifted you with a beautiful writing style! Thanks for using it for Him - and us!

Glenda said...

I forgot to say, "Happy Anniversary!"

mississippi artist said...

Such a touching post. Do you know what a wonderful thought provoking writer you are? I have been praying a lot lately to grow stronger in Christ,so your post might have been written espescially for me.

Pamela Gordon said...

A beautiful post! Happy Anniversary!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

With roots that go deep into the Heart of God,we can withstand the storms.

Tina Ferrell said...

Great post Karen! You have a real sweetheart in Nathan! I also love the drawing and verse you shared from pinterest . . . so true!

Nancy said...

Your words have been especially meaningful to me today because I have had so many losses this year and I know that if my roots had not been deep in Jesus, I would have fallen big time.....He had been preparing me and held me tight through each loss.

You really are a gifted writer and are blessing so many, including myself, with your words of wisdom...Thank you....

elizabeth said...

This is such a sweet, romantic thing to do, and I love the pinterest photo of one of my favorite verses.

Sue said...

A very happy anniversary, Karen, we too have our date carved on a tree at our first home,
Thank you for reminded me of the importance of being rooted in him,as always your photos are beautiful.

S. Etole said...

It's those roots in Him that keep us during the worst of the storms.