Thursday, February 10, 2011

~ I have patiently waited my turn...

~this don't happen here to often~
You have shared so many beautiful snow pictures.
Now, I want to take my turn because
it may be awhile before this happens again.

Call some friends over,
 (I will not be linking this post) 
Word of mouth only! :))

Fix a pot of coffee
and bake a pound cake
have I got something to share with you all!

The day begin like this Wednesday morning.
(I was trying to capture a sunrise picture)
Front porch view

Snow began falling about 3:00 p.m.

The deck at about 4:00 p.m.
The deck before I went to bed @ 10:00p.m.
The view this morning
So many of these little beauties.
(I promise to devote one whole post to my feathered friends again.)
I'm going to hush - You Enjoy!

The view from the top of this hill was breath-taking,
as the sun begin to shine.

My heart is touched and my eyes are moistened
 as I end this post.
We truly have seen HIS beauty displayed
in a not so common way here in the south.
I would love to share one scripture that comes to mind.

He gives to (the earth) snow, 
like (a blanket of) wool;
Psalm 147:16a

I hope you have enjoyed
 and I pray I captured the wonder
of HIS work.


My Bright Corner said...

So, so, so beautiful. Of course, the photo of the birds is to die for. [squeal] So lovely, Karen!

The great thing about snow in the South is that ya'll appreciate it in an entirely different way than we do up North. :)

I just absolutely loved these photos. Thank you for sharing!


Thoughts for the day said...

This is really beautiful and I could not believe your deck. What a beauty...even in the snow.

Sandy said...

Your pictures are beautiful, Karen! Now this is
why I am such a snow lover! His beauty is displayed
so wonderfully in the snow. There's just something
about it. We had some yesterday with some ice mixed
in but it's all gone this morning.

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful...your pictures are lovely.

Debbie said...

I thought the one with the old barn was my favorite until I saw the covered bridge with the icicles. Now, they are tied.

The word breathtaking never more aptly applied, Karen. I really love these. Frame some.

mississippi artist said...

You certainly got more snow than we did, which was really just a dusting. Beautiful photos,espescially of the birds. But as pretty as snow is, I am ready for spring.

SouthernSass said...

Beautiful photos - I enjoyed them all very much! I would say that you most certainly captured the wonder of His work!

Deborah said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm still waiting for it to snow in Orlando.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

First give your husband a big hug for that camera and tell him you are a wonderful photographer and you captured it!! These are beautiful and you didn't slide down trying to catch it. LOL

Pound cake...well one of my top desserts!!

Julie Harward said...

Beautiful...I enjoyed every picture! That is about all the snow we have had all winter long here..very unusual! ;D

Anonymous said...

What breathtaking beauty His creation is. Thank you for sharing these images with us. Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's weekend.

Dianne said...

Before I forget, I LOVE the changes in your living room. Janette is a decorating genius. I thought it was pretty before but the new arrangement is perfect and so welcoming.

I especially love the barn pic and the one of the cypress trees. So, so pretty.

Praying for you and hoping you are doing well.


Anonymous said...

Magic photos!
I wish you a pleasant weekend and a happy Valentine's Day.

Joan said...

Karen - the photos are beautiful. We've received more snow this winter than we have in several years.

Have a blessed weekend,

Rose said...

And enjoy them I did. Beautiful photos.

Renee said...

We get plenty of snow up here in north country...but your photos are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your snow beauty with all of us! And thank you for you lovely comments on my blog.