Thursday, February 17, 2011

~first touch of spring

Pots of home-made soup
Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows
SNOW in the South
Too many birds to count at the birdfeeder

Just naming a few of the many things, I've enjoyed these past few months.

But, oh the sunshine & the blue skies are beautiful!

What a Simple Pleasure!

They bring the much needed spring to the step
 and the excitement of the
new season Our Wonderful Creator is giving.

It is just around the corner my friends and
I'm not one to push forward to quickly
because I know every season has its length & purpose.

But, I brought the first touch into our home this past week.
These forsythia branches are the first signs of spring,
we see here in the south.
Oh, and I might add "my favorite color".  ;-)

These branches have given life & added color to the foyer and such a beautiful glow.

I had Mr. Goose perched on the floor in the living area,
but decided to give him a new resting spot.
He kinda makes a statement, wouldn't you say?

And, these little shiny treasures are new.
I found them marked down at Tuesday Morning.
We have never played this game.
~Bocce Ball~
I had never heard of it.
  The small and heavy box caught my eye
and I opened it up and saw the beautiful shiny balls inside.
  I searched the box for instructions, but none inside.
  I just happened to ask a lady
who was on the same aisle (the toy aisle) and she knew
exactly what they were.
   She was so kind to tell me all about the game.
I googled and printed off instructions when I got home.
We are looking forward to trying this new game out this spring.

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I hope you can spend some time visiting the others.

Oh, and these are waiting for me at the back door.
Just in time for pruning rosebushes and
 planting potatoes this weekend. :-)

Happy Springtime,


Julie Harward said...

Nice to hear your thoughts this morning, gives me hope! LOL The wind blew so hard here last night that it blew the power out! I have heard of that game but not seen balls like that, very nice! Love your blossoms too...have a nice Spring! ;D

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

What gorgeous photos! Those pretty blooms make me ready for spring!

Anonymous said...

A delightful post! Love the forsythia; such bright and sweet blooms. I've never heard of the game either - you'll have to let us know more. My helper pruned my roses about 3 weeks ago, and I am seeing new, tiny leaves. The weather has been gorgeous the last few days. Have a great afternoon friend.

Christie said...

Karen, the forsythia is beautiful! Right after Christmas, I am looking for the first signs of spring...the forsythia, the cherry blossom trees or the narcissus! But, I find that I shouldn't wish time away as it already has wings!! :) Thank you for your sweet comments on 'Raising Children.' The Lord has been faithful to teach me many lessons! I didn't realize I was not a follower! I am now!! Thank you, always for your kind encouragement.

Have a wonderful day!

Carol said...

Love the beautifully shiny bocce balls. And the forsythia.
I feel the same way. I look forward to spring, but each season has its own time and length.
Beautiful post!

Kathleen said...

I think everybody is in the same mind, just waiting for spring to finally get here. Your forsythia is beautiful as are your new wellies! Hope you enjoy your weekend in the garden. Kathleen.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Such a happy happy post. I lvoe the color of yellow in the Spring. We're a ways off of having anything blooming this pretty outside, we're being teased today with temperatures at grandson learned to play this game at Adventure Club. I'd never heard of it either... will have to keep an eye out for one once I get to get away... hugs ~lynne~

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh your first touches of spring are stunning. Love the branches and the duck is just perfect. Such a beautiful vignette. I havn't heard of that game either. Can't wait to hear all about it. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

sarah said...

beautiful pictures Karen...can't wait for spring and there are signs of it already here. Hope your day was great.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Those are so pretty...and how much fun a new game for spring. I put up a badminton net last our small, small yard and it was so much fun...I think we laughed more than anything, but that is exercise.
Oh I love the rain stylish are you!
Have fun and I too am going to enjoy the warm weather.

debs said...

Hi Karen, We love Bocce ball!!~ What gorgeous pictures as always. XO thanks for your sweet comment.

Derenda said...

Thank you for your reminders of God's beautiful world. My job causes me to sometimes have to dig deep and look for beauty in the midst of the chaos and misery I see in my outreach ministry. Spring will truly be a time for renewal and peace. Waiting for daffodils!

Trish said...

Karen...I am so jealous...Lol. I love Forsythia and it will be a while around these parts til we get a glimpse of their beauty!
It was 53' today but snow is in next weeks's good ol' Michigan.

Sue said...

Beautiful job, Karen, I am beginning to get the spring fever to do some rearranging. Thanks for sharing.

mississippi artist said...

Very pretty, I will be glad when the real stuff starts blooming! I like your goose-nice touch.

Simply Be... said...

Hi Karen,
I have a lovely Forsythia bush too - but it will be another 6 months before any buds appear on it in my Australian backyard!
It looks beautiful in your home with Mr Goose sitting so graciously under it :-)
I've found Bocce to be a great family game to play which seems to appeal to all ages. Enjoy!
Bless you..Trish

Lori said...

And... I miss your green background. But I just changed mine too, to white, I think it makes the pictures look better. Now, I'm working on a new header. The forsythia is gorgeous!

Mave said...

It's lovely to read about and see the first signs of Spring for you. We here in Australia will be seeing the leaves change colour as Autumn time comes.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Oh, I am so jealous, I live farther south than you and my forsythia aren't even attempting to bloom...not know they will be blooming soon and I will enjoy them when they decide it is time. I love your Mr. Ducky and he looks fantastic where he is.
Hope you arwe enjoying this beautiful weather.

Canadagirl said...

Ohhh look at those blooms! I can't wait till ours bloom. I do look forward to some spring. But I think it will be a bit yet for us. But there are small signs of it coming. I have heard birds for the first time this last week. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Your goose with the flowers is gorgeous. The first signs of spring are lovely, we will be enjoying the first signs of autumn in a few weeks. You will enjoy playing bocce.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Kare, what a pretty vignette. Yes, forsynthia is the first sign of spring here, too. I keep looking. Seventies all weekend. woo hoo Thanks so much for joining the party.

Kim said...

Beautiful flowers! I'm so longing for signs of Spring, but here in the Rockies they're still several weeks away.

Kay K said...

Love the pictures your flowers are lovely. thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos and beautiful flowers, colors...!
Kisses and happy weekend dear Karen.

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Karen, I love that colour is sunshine and happiness.
Bocce is pronounced Bot chee.
It is an Italian game played indoors and similar to lawn bowls..Played by men only, they love it.. God bless. x

Liz said...

Gorgeous vignette! I am also a new follower! Have a great weekend! XO ~Liz

Dayle said...

Beautiful, Karen.

Karli said...

I'm the 29th commenter???? WOWEEEE! OK, you're TOTALLY loving this whole photography thing, aren't you? Karen, I'm totally serious, you are one talented gal. The way you "see" things, so creative and beautiful. I'm very impressed, my friend. Keep up the wonderful work! XOXO

Anonymous said...

The touch of spring are such a welcome sight. Lovely photos.