Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heart Thoughts

Where True Strength Comes From

A house is just a house, until love comes in,
transforming ordinary dust into angel dust.
Money has the power to pay for a house,
but only love can furnish it with homey feelings.
Duty can make you pack a kid's lunch, but
love inspires you to tuck a little note inside.
Keeping up can cause you to own a TV set,
but love controls the remote.
Needing time alone can lead you to put the
children to bed, but love tucks the covers in and
reads a story.
Obligation can make you buy groceries,
but love enhances a delicious meal with flowers
and candles.
Compulsion keeps a sparkling house and
manicured lawn, but love creates a play place
inside and out.
Responsibility carries out the necessary tasks,
but love enables you to do them for the
sheer joy of service.
Accountability can motivate you to pay the
bills, but love inspires you to offer a prayer of
thanks for blessings symbolized by each check.
Duty can motivate you to call your faraway
family members, but love frees you to prepare a
care package full of their favorite things.
Yes, strength of will can keep things from
falling into despair, but the power of love makes
life worth living.

Provoking heart thoughts, that I cannot claim as my own,
 but were read this morning from
 God's Little Lessons on Life for Women

~~Questions my heart has started asking and is waiting
 for complete answers~~

where is my strength coming from
who is motivating me
what am I doing to make a difference
am I longing for what was, instead of what is
life is moving quickly~am I fulfilling HIS plan
am I just living Life

(Picture taken and shared by someone dear to my heart.)

The Lord will give strength to HIS people, the Lord will bless HIS people, with peace.  Psalm 29:11 NASB


Julie Harward said...

Hi there...these are true and beautiful thoughts, thanks for sharing them today! :D

Debbie said...

I loved every word and wondered until the end if you had written it yourself. You are so right. You can DO what is necessary, or you can DO what is in the heart.

Love the part about love controlling the TV remote!!

Sherry said...

Love this. So true is all the care that goes into service that it is done with great love.
Thanks for stopping by.

Dianne said...

This post really touched my heart--I especially liked the part that said, "who is motivating me?"--good, good question.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you better.

God bless,

Val said...

Truly Beautiful.