Monday, September 13, 2010

Awakened to Gratitude

Each morning this past week, I anticipated the words and photos downloading before my eyes of Ann's@A Holy Experience trip to Guatemala.
I wanted to grasp with my eyes through the monitor, all that was attainable.
I know only a small amount was captured through pictures.
I was not actually walking the streets of Guatemala with her and the team, but my heart and eyes were opened, through what I viewed by technology.
I took the time Sunday afternoon, to go through all of the photos and try to sit where Ann sat and walk the streets where she walked. I wanted to grasp the surroundings, not just the faces that melted my heart.

Today, my gratitude list doesn't contain any pictures ~~~~ I know it's boring reading black & white words.
I tried to think of photos I could share, but I realized I did not want you to focus on what luxury I live in,
compared to the pictures Ann shared this past week.
(My luxury doesn't even match some of the luxury of your homes. I've visited your homes through pictures and oohed and ahhhed!)

I would love for you to click on the box below and this will link you directly to Ann's experience in Guatemala.
The readings, "scratchings" as she calls it, of her was my beginning of joining the Gratitude Community.  Before you click on the link, I'll share my list that will read so simple to you, but these gifts came from viewing Ann's trip.

My List of Gratitude continues...
81.  floors to mop
82.  windows with screens
83.  outside doors with locks
84.  level ground
85.  yard to mow
86.  fresh air
87.  red brick
88.  God's blue sky (he paints one in Guatemala too)
89.  almost an acre of land
90.  water running from a faucet
91.  kitchen with cabinets
92.  painted sheetrock walls
93.  no leaky roof
94.  washer and dryer
95.  pantry with stocked shelves
96.  death gripping hugs ~ that fill you up with love
97.  hands lifted praising God
98.  my comfortable spot at the end of the couch
99.  closets for ALL our clothes
100. comfortable bed for each family member

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Cindy said...

Hi Karen and good morning. Thanks for your visit this morning. I am so glad you left me a sweet little comment so I could return the visit.

I loved your list of gratitude. I didn't find it silly at all, actually very humbling. I LOVED it! We take so much for granted in this country that it is a wonderful reminder that we have been blessed beyond measure. God has been so good to us.

Hope you have a fantastic and blessed week.

-t- said...

Love your gratitudes this morning :)

I struggled with my list this day. I looked at the pictures & looked @ Ann's & the difference, well, you know...
I lay it at His feet. I seek Him. May we be forever changed as evidenced by our lives.

Blessings this day, Gratitude friend.

Julie Harward said...

I love to be in touch with these types of things, I followed a group that was in interesting! Love the gratitude going on too! :D

Tammie said...

I have went to Peru twice in a couple of years,once just a couple of months ago and have seen and walked the poverty that Ann did. When I read her "scratchings" it brought up everything inside and how blessed I am and I dont mean that lightly. It changes you to the core of your soul. You are ripped apart and full of gratitude at the same time. I still think about getting in my shower and how wonderful it is to have running water and a clean body. May we never forget and get to comfortable to thank God for our everyday blessings. I have to admitt though I have less patience with things that don't seem important to me anymore but it still does for other people. Trying to work through that and sometimes it is hard...
Love you

Endris Family said...

My heart has been gripped this week also by the faces of those in Guatemala. Such poverty...yet such joy. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for EVERYTHING.

Debbie said...

I love your list, and based on the list alone I am preparing my heart for what I'll see when I click that link.

Debbie said...

And for the record, there was nothing boring about your "black and white"!

Dianne said...

Hey dear friend, I love your list, all of them but especially #98. The place on my sofa where I have met with Him so many, many times--where all my joys, hopes, sorrows, vision, tears and pain have poured forth from my heart to his.

Yes, we are more than blessed! Rejoicing with you.

Love, Dianne

p.s. I took note of your thoughtfulness. It did not escape me.

Vanessa said...

Hi Karen! Thank you so much for this today! I had a moment this morning when I drove through a VERY rough part of town and was overcome with emotion when I thought about where we live and where my children get to run and play! So humbling! Can't wait to read Ann's blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, what a lovely gratitude list and a beautiful blog. I have loved checking it out! Thank you for stopping by my place and introducing yourself. I, too, am very grateful for the simple, basic things after looking at Ann's blog this week. I agree with Debbie...nothing wrong with the "black and white!"

Karli said...

I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. It sounds silly, but when I'm grocery shopping, I just look up and down the aisles and think how blessed I am. I can buy anything I need or want. It's overwhelming sometimes to think how much we have, and how little others have. Thank you for the reminder!

Cindy said...

Hi Karen, thanks for your visit today at my blog and for your wonderful comment. I wanted to email you but couldn't find a email link for you.

Anyhow, I wanted you to know that my back appreciates all the moving and tugging I did in my earlier years of decorating. :) It was nothing for me to change everything in the house several times a week, (mainly out of boredom or lack of money to buy anything new) but either way, I LOVED it. Now I pay the price with back issues. But like you, now I only move things or change them out for the seasons. I love doing that.
Again thanks for sharing your thoughts with me I really appreciated them.
Also, sorry I used this avenue to touch base, but I didn't know any other way. :)
Hope your having a blessed week.

Donna Lynn said...

Oh so sweet words of utter wisdom, thanks for posting this, I needed it so much today! When I take my daily walk, I spend time thanking my precious Lord for all he has provided me with, life is so fragile, any where you live...

Thanks again,
Donna Lynn